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Protecting Workers With Two Networking Options

Mesh RF and cellular IoT Networks (blog)

As buildings around the country age, and prime real estate becomes less available, refurbishment projects are becoming increasingly common. However, these projects are more challenging than new construction projects because they require operators to accommodate existing structures, often with confined spaces and limited access. This can pose a greater safety risk for workers who must work in an environment initially constructed to adhere to different building regulations.

Emergency alert systems should be a requirement of any business’ emergency plan, but what these are comprised of, and how the system is configured is largely up to the operator.

Vanguard Wireless offer customers two different device connection options so virtually any site - and any worker - is protected.

Devices that use a radio frequency chip to establish a network can be installed as an internet connected or standalone system (the system pictured on the left). All devices connect wirelessly between themselves and to the control panel via an internal RF chip to form a site system network. If the system is connected to the internet, then the control panel pushes data to the cloud, which is then pushed to the smartphone app, SMS platform, and web-based portal. If the system is standalone then it will not connect to the cloud so will not send phone app notifications and SMS alerts.

How It Works - RF & Cellular - US


Our IoT cellular medical call and evacuation devices have been designed for sites with interesting layouts that struggle to implement a conventional mesh radio frequency system (the system pictured on the right). By using a cellular connection, devices do not need to sit within range of one another (< 600m), particularly useful when the worksite is spread over considerable distance. It also saves the project money, by not requiring repeaters or additional devices to build the mesh. All devices connect wirelessly to the cloud via an internal cellular chip to form a site system network. The cloud pushes data to other devices on the network, the control panel, the smartphone app, SMS platform, and web-based portal.

We understand that every construction site is different which is why we design systems specifically for every project. We identify where devices should be placed, how they will need to establish a network, and how we can deliver coverage for every worker on site. We can configure a system that utilizes both mesh RF and cellular IoT devices, or one or the other. 

Of course the ability to self-manage the system means you don't need to invest in additional investment in system maintenance (including specialist installation and expensive manufacturer call outs). What's important is that you invest in a system that can vastly improve the speed in which medical and site evacuation emergencies are addressed with clear communication, lightning-fast responses, and proactive management.

If your business has been not been able to install a system like ours previously due to retrofitting costs, or issues with range or flexibility, then you need to speak to us.