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Common Medical Call System Questions

Common Medical Call Questions (blog)

A medical call system is what workers can use to trigger a medical emergency alert that enables other personnel to respond with first aid and/or call emergency services. Any workplaces where medical emergencies are more likely to occur should consider installing one. Industries where risks to workers are high - for example construction-related hazards, should definitely have a one!

Generally, a medical call system will consist of a triggering device, a control panel that alerts management, plus lights and sirens. The purpose is to increase the speed in which a response is coordinated so medical outcomes are improved. This is achieved with a one-to-many approach that clearly indicates where the emergency is, and who is responding.

This is how it works:

How It Works - event management

1) What industries are our medical call systems built for?

We started designing medical call systems workplace construction site safety in mind. Construction sites evolve every day and need systems that evolve with it. We made sure our triggers are battery operated, can be relocated and renamed easily, are lightweight, and feed information back to management on device and network power and connectivity. 

However, we have installed medical call systems at warehouses, manufacturing plants, electrical sub stations, tunnelling works, and mines.

In 2020 we launched a dual-purpose medical call trigger and evacuation siren which is one of our most popular products.

2) Where do we install systems?

Our office is in Australia, but our plug-and-play systems can be installed anywhere including the US, Canada, and Asia. We recently shipped two systems to remote mining camps in Papua New Guinea and helped management set them up over the phone. Our systems are shipped ready to use so you can manage the installation yourself. All you need to do is power them up, assign them a location, set up app users for triggering and response, and monitor them. 

Provided the system is connected to the internet, our team can see each system's status in real time including device connectivity and power, telemetry, users, integrations, and customizations.

Our multi frequency RF chips enable us to work across various regions as we can change the frequency they use should standard frequencies be unavailable (for example if used by the military). 

3) What makes our systems the best on the market?

Our systems are specified by many leading businesses because they:

  • Can be installed temporarily or permanently, suited to many industries and applications
  • Are easily retrofitted to an existing building
  • Don’t require specialist installation by an electrician
  • Weigh less than 2lb per device
  • Provide real time data on device and system health
  • Are managed via smartphone app, control panel, and web-based user portal
  • Work in conjunction with our Bluetooth wearable medical call triggers that transmit a geographic AND vertical emergency location
  • Integrate with third-party software or hardware such and construction project management apps, safety apps, home automation systems, motion detectors, and security systems
  • Can consist of a few devices or 100
  • Can be recommissioned for use on another site

4) Are our systems easy to use?

We've designed our systems to be super simple. Once a worker presses a trigger, they receive confirmation the alert has been sent, and that someone is responding. Personnel are told where the emergency is using the triggering device's location. All management are alerted at the same time so whomever is in the best position to respond first can. Everything is logged for auditing and incident reporting.

5) Are our medical call systems good for remote workers?

Yes. Remote workers can trigger a medical call from within our smartphone app, which is then transmitted through our cloud server to management. They can also use wearable medical call triggers that connect to the app via a Bluetooth signal. As long as they're within Bluetooth distance from their phone, they can press the wearable to trigger a medical call. We also offer cellular medical call systems which can be installed at remote work sites and managed/monitored remotely via the app or web-based portal. So we can protect crane drivers, workers on civil works projects, and solo operators.

6) Do our systems integrate with other apps?

Yes. We’ve built medical call systems for construction sites that integrate with HammerTech, Procore, and Irongate Solutions. We’ve also built a UHF radio integration to push emergency alerts out to worker’s radios. We're not limited to construction industry integrations - our API can integrate with any software that delivers a better user experience for you.


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