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Integrations Improving Your Customer Experience

Procore HammerTech integrations (blog)

Many of our customers sit within the construction, civil works, and refurbishment industries. Historically low tech, innovative businesses are now looking at products and services that can assist them to digitize practices and processes that help them improve worker safety, project management, and operations.

Vanguard Wireless offer one of the smartest workplace evacuation and medical alert systems on the market because the solution incorporates both hardware AND software. Our customers can choose hardware such as evacuation triggers, evacuation sirens, medical call triggers, medical call lights, control panels, and Bluetooth wearable medical call triggers. 95% of customers also opt into our software package which includes a smartphone app and web-based portal.

The Vanguard Wireless Safety Manager app, which was launched in 2020, enables users to monitor and manage their system, trigger or respond to evacuation or medical emergencies, and provide EHS managers with a GPS location of workers. Data is pushed to and from the cloud server in real time, with system and device connectivity checks conducted multiple times every hour. The web-based portal complements functions of the app, offering customers full self management of their system. It's here that integrations with HammerTech, Procore, and Irongate Solutions are set up with the press of a button. 

Application Integration

Investments in enterprise applications are soaring right now. According to estimates, the application industry will reach a global value of $468. 2 billion by 2027 — which is fueling the growth of a more agile, resilient, data-driven organization. But as businesses continue to make these investments, gaps between their expanding array of applications are inhibiting their performance. The only way to get the best out of all these tools is when they work together. That’s where application integration comes in.  

Application integration means all your software solutions can talk to each other, finding insights that you might otherwise miss, and making sure your people have access to crucial, accurate information right when they need to use it.

All It Takes Is Business Willingness

Not all business are interested in integrating their products and services with other businesses. Sometimes it's due to security concerns and the sharing of data, sometimes it's due to wanting to protect their IP, and sometimes it's due to them not having the tech ability and/or financial capital to do so. It's definitely worthwhile waiting for customers to request it so a business can identify if the upfront investment in creating an API will deliver ROI in the long run. 

Why It's Right For You

Integrations help you and your workers conduct transactions, increase process security, and integrate important data. It increases transparency and makes sure all your employees can access data and collated information quickly. It also opens the path to process automation that are accessible to all employees regardless of their tech savviness. In the medium to long term, this makes it easier for leaders and managers to make smarter decisions based on the needs of the whole business, not just one area.

How Our Integrations Work

HammerTech: at the end of the day, a full system report is pushed through to your project's site diary. The PDF can be reviewed following an event to learn when it was triggered, who was alerted, what was the response, and what are the areas for improvement. You can learn more about HammerTech on their website.

Irongate Solutions: when an evacuation is triggered on the Vanguard Wireless system, all gates will open and turnstiles will go into free spin, so workers can evacuate the site as quickly as possible. As soon as the evacuation is ended on the Vanguard Wireless system, all gates and turnstiles will return to the locked status. You can learn more about Irongate Solutions on their website.

Procore: this integration ensures all data from your Vanguard Wireless system is syncronised with your project, including daily activity reports, worker profiles, and purchase orders. A daily system report can be viewed from the daily log which facilitates event reporting and auditing. You can learn more about Procore on their website.

If you are interested in integrating software or hardware you're using with our systems (or you are a software company who would like to review integration opportunities) please get in touch with us via the contact form on this website.